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Homeowner Who Interrupted Burglary Has Warning for Others



    Howeowner Has Warning for Others After Interrupting Burglary

    A Dallas man has a warning for others after he interrupted a burglary in broad daylight at his Lake Highlands home. (Published Monday, April 21, 2014)

    A Dallas family is warning others after what they believe was a well-orchestrated burglary the homeowner interrupted.

    The attempted burglary took place last Friday in the L streets section of Dallas, near Lake Highlands High School.

    Paris Sunio said it began with a knock at the door.

    "Each subsequent knock would be a lot louder, by the tenth one it became a, 'Bang bang bang,'" he said. "Maybe eight minutes later my power goes off."

    He didn't think much of the power going off, until he looked out one of his windows and saw a neighbor had power. Then, he had an odd suspicion.

    "Strangely enough I thought that my house was about to get burglarized because the guys came and I thought they were knocking on my door to see if anybody was home," he said.

    As he lifted another blind, he saw what appeared to be a man casing his yard. That man approached the very window Sunio was looking out of.

    "He kind of made a motion and punched the glass, and then I opened up my blind and started yelling whatever I could to startle him, like, 'Intruder, call the police!'"

    Sunio called 911.

    "Actually, I sequestered myself in back office not wanting to go outside," Sunio said.

    Police told him it appears the crooks had been casing the home for a while, from a back alley; wooden slabs from his fence had disappeared after the incident.

    "It was pretty shocking, actually and he was definitely scoping out my house trying to get in," he said.

    The family advises people with outdoor breakers to lock them up to prevent anyone from having access to your power supply.