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Homeowner Shot During Auto Burglary Attempt

Fort Worth police make multiple arrests in connection with shooting, burglaries



    Police say a man in Fort Worth walked up on car burglars, who then opened fire on him, two people were arrested. (Published Friday, April 20, 2012)

    At least two people are in custody after someone opened fire on the residents of a Fort Worth neighborhood early Friday morning.

    Martin Thompson said his neighborhood, Westcliff West, is normally pretty quiet. 
    "Not the typical way we wake up at 6:30 in the morning," said Thompson, who heard gunshots as he walked to get the morning paper from his yard.
    Thompson's neighbors also heard the shots and started coming out to see what was going on. That's when they heard another neighbor shouting.
    "The neighbor two doors down yelled at us from his house to go back in our house, that they had guns and there was still one here," Thompson said.
    Police said that resident caught someone breaking into his car. Soon after, someone started shooting and a bullets grazed the resident's arm and hit the front of his house.
    Thompson said he then saw a car speed off down the road, only to turn around and come back. That's when he said he had seen enough.
    "The driver got out with a handgun and was in a crouched position," Thompson said. "When he got out with a handgun, I decided I needed to get back in my house."

    Thompson and his wife, along with several other neighbors on the block, all had their cars broken into. It's the first time anyone can remember violence breaking out on their normally uneventful street.

    Thompson said the whole incident has changed his way of thinking.
    "We have a gated back yard. Our cars will be behind the gate," Thompson said. "My doors will be locked and the alarm system will be on and I'll look outside when I go get my paper in the morning," Thompson said.
    Thompson said police used a stolen iPhone to track where the men went. Police said they have multiple people in custody, but have revealed no further details on the arrests.