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Homeowner Attacked While Defending Neighborhood

Attack captured on home video surveillance



    Homeowner Attacked While Defending Neighborhood
    Haltom City Police Department
    A man attempted to open several car door handles and then attacked a homeowner.

    The Haltom City Police Department is looking for two men who attacked a homeowner in the 4700-block of Woodhaven Lane on Tuesday.

    Robert Richter said it was about 11 p.m. Tuesday when his wife noticed two men on the family’s surveillance system trying to break into the family’s car.

    “She said, ‘Honey! There’s somebody out front.’ And I said, ‘Oh, crud. Little teenagers from down the street are back,’” Richter said.

    With his four children asleep inside, Richter went to the front yard to scare the teenagers away. But as soon as he stepped outside, Richter realized the two people he thought were teens were two men he’d never seen before.

    Homeowner Attack Caught on Video

    [DFW] Homeowner Attack Caught on Video
    A homeowner catches a burglar on his video surveillance cameras.
    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012)

    “It was what sounded like an adult. He said, ‘I’m gonna cut you… Got a knife. I’m gonna getcha. I got a gun,’” Richter said.

    The father tried to turn and walk back to the house, but one of the burglars followed and attacked him.

    On surveillance video, you can see the two men fighting, the burglar holding what looks like a knife in his right hand. After scuffling for a minute, Richter finally makes it inside. That’s when the burglar picks a flower pot and slams it through the front glass door. A few seconds later you can see the burglar walk down the street where a dark colored SUV is waiting for him.

    “When he came at me, it was like okay, I need to get him away from me. And then when he tried to get in the house, it was like no. You’re not getting in the house. My kids are in here. Not going to happen,” Richter said.

    In the fight, Richter received a minor cut on his arm.

    “He just got me in the arm with the tip of the knife, that’s what I think happened,” he said.

    Richter said he hopes his video can help police catch his attacker.

    “They want him off the street because, in their opinion, he’s gonna hurt somebody or kill somebody and not even think twice about it. So they want him gone,” he said.

    If anyone has any information or knows the identity of this subject, please contact Haltom City Police at 817-222-7000 or email Cpl. Pearson at dpearson@haltomcitytx.com.