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Hit-and-Run "Every Parent's Worst Nightmare"

Suspect's attorney says doctor indicates his client may have had partial seizure



    Hit-and-Run "Every Parent's Worst Nightmare"

    A spokeswoman for relatives of an 12-year-old boy injured in a hit-and-run said the family is outraged that the suspect did not stop to help.

    "Devin has a 4-year-old younger brother, Patrick, who has been begging to see his older brother,'" said Courtney Hopping, a spokeswoman for Devin Byrd's family. "We are hopeful Devin will recover. I think he is a very strong boy. This is every parent's worst nightmare."

    Elaine Burbridge, 62, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of failure to stop and render aid.

    "We are looking forward to this woman being held accountable for this horrendous crime so other children won't have to be afraid playing in a park," Hopping said.

    Attorney: Hit-and-Run Suspect Doesn't Remember Crash

    [DFW] Attorney: Hit-and-Run Suspect Doesn't Remember Crash
    The attorney for a woman suspected of hitting an 11-year-old boy in Richardson says he believes his client had an epileptic seizure at the time of the hit-and-run.
    (Published Wednesday, July 20, 2011)

    She said investigators have left the door open to additional charges against Burbridge and have asked the family to be patient.

    Hopping, a lawyer who left the district attorney's office in December, said Burbridge should face a stronger charge of aggravated assault with serious bodily injury.

    "There is reckless intent in this case," she said.

    Child in a Go-Kart Injured by Hit-an-Run Driver

    [DFW] Child in a Go-Kart Injured by Hit-an-Run Driver
    Richardson police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who left 11-year-old Devin Byrd hospitalized.
    (Published Friday, July 15, 2011)

    Burbridge's attorney, Scott Palmer, said his client does not remember the crash and likely had a partial seizure.

    Palmer said Thursday that Burbridge remembers leaving Garland and driving toward her home but does not remember a period of time.

    "She remembers parking her car, getting out and going to make dinner for her husband," he said.

    Police found Burbridge's vehicle parked in her driveway, two blocks away from where Devin was struck.

    Palmer said Thursday that Burbridge has gone in for medical tests at a hospital. A doctor has indicated that she may have had a partial seizure, he said.

    "These last about 10, 20 seconds," he said. "Her family has seen this happen with her before but not to this extent."

    Palmer said her relatives now recollect incidents in which Burbridge blacked out for short periods of time but did not realize it was serious until now.

    "She's a grandmother," he said. "She would never intend to hurt a child."

    Hopping said that Burbridge should not have a driver's license if she had a seizure.

    "She has not reached out to the family in any way," she said. "The fact that she drove away shows what kind of self-centered person she is, the caliber of person she is."

    Palmer said his client should not face charges because she had no criminal intent.

    "She feels absolutely horrible that Devin was injured in any way, and she's taking this matter very seriously," he said.

    Palmer said Burbridge does not drink and was not on medication that would impair her driving.

    Hopping said Devin is not breathing on his own.

    "Devin's parents have been by his side since he's been in the hospital," she said. "He remains in a medically induced coma and has multiple injuries. Devin was known as the spirit of the neighborhood. He would even check in on older people knocking on their doors to say,'Hi.'"