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Hit-and-Run Victim Asks For Help Looking for Driver

A Dallas Man Was Left for Dead When He Was Hit Putting Gas In Truck



    Jehovah Falcon is asking for help tracking down the driver who hit him while he was stranded the service road on U.S. Highway 80 in Mesquite and drove off. (Published Wednesday, May 1, 2013)

     A Dallas man was left stranded and injured after a car hit him along a highway in Mesquite early Sunday morning. 

    It happened along U.S Highway 80 on the service road near the Town East exit in Mesquite.

    Jehovah Falcon’s pickup truck ran out of gas along U.S. Highway 80 on the morning of April 28. With a dead phone, Falcon stopped his Ford on the side of the roadway and walked to the nearest gas station, but when came back to fill up, a car hit him and took off.

    "Walked right back to my truck and started pouring gas and right after that I don't remember anything," said Falcon.

    Some Good Samaritans found Falcon and called for help.

    "That is the right thing to do, you don't just drive by them and then maybe, you know, nobody comes to their rescue and they die, knowing you could have done something to help them," said Aracely Tijerina, Falcon's wife. 

    The father of two is recovering in the hospital after suffering fractures and broken bones all over his body.

    "I want whoever did this to be brought to justice," said Tijerina.

    Mesquite police said the car involved in the hit-and-run may have been a red Dodge Stratus or Chrysler Sebring from 2003 or 2004.

    "Yeah I am grateful to still be here though," said Falcon through tears. "If you're in that situation, you don't want your child in that position so just go ahead and stop for them."

    If you have any information, contact the Mesquite Police Department or Traffic Investigator Paul Gates at 972-216-6629.