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Highland Village Phase 2 Water Restrictions



    Highland Village Phase 2 Water Restrictions
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    The city of Highland Village has implemented mandatory Phase 2 water restrictions.

    The restrictions limit landscape watering for residential and commercial customers on Monday and Friday and restricts watering the rest of the week between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

    This from the city:

    Wasteful water runoff is prohibited, which includes hosing down pavement or rinsing off cars. Groundwater well owners and residents that draw water from the lake are required to post a sign showing well water or lake water is in use.

    Residents are encouraged to comply with the Phase 2 water restrictions; however due to the severity of the drought conditions the city will diligently enforce the restrictions. Residents violating the water restrictions can expect to fall under enforcement as outlined by City Ordinance 07-1035.

    It is important to conserve water and that we succeed in Phase 2 of our water management program. We must be serious about compliance and enforcement of this program to avoid moving to Stage 3 restrictions.

    The City is requesting that all residents reduce their landscape water consumption by 50 percent.

    Phase 2 was triggered automatically by ordinance when the City water supply consumption reached greater than 80 percent for three consecutive days.

    The City of Highland Village has an adequate water supply for today and tomorrow’s needs. Phase 2 is a water management plan to ensure a reliable water quality to provide the reserves before and after the weekend.

    For more information regarding phase 2 water restrictions, please visit the Highland Village website.

    Residents can call the Utilities Division at 972-317-2989 to report violators.