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Hidden Camera Found in Braum's Restroom



    Hidden Camera Found in Braum's, Police Search for Suspect

    A hidden camera was discovered in a women's restroom as a Braum's restaurant in Grapevine. (Published Saturday, May 31, 2014)

    An employee at a Grapevine restaurant found a hidden camera inside a public restroom.

    The camera was found at the Braum's, located at 1300 S. Main Street. The manager of the restaurant reported the incident to police who said the device was found disguised as an electrical outlet but seemed to stick out of the wall abnormally.

    Forensic examination of the camera revealed photos of a man who police said could be the person who installed the hidden camera.

    “The angle of the photographs — he was looking directly at the device, which would give us reason to believe he's a potential suspect,” Sgt. Robert Eberlin said.

    Grapevine Hidden Camera

    [DFW] Grapevine Hidden Camera
    A camera was found inside a Braum's restroom in Grapevine. Police found images of a man who they are now trying to reach out to.
    (Published Friday, May 30, 2014)

    Besides the pictures of the man, police said there were other images on the camera.

    Police believe the camera was found a week ago, the same day they believe it was hidden in the women’s restroom. 

    “We are not sure if he has placed any devices in other locations," said Eberling. "We would like to find that out.”

    Hillary Staley, a frequent Braum's customer, was upset when she heard about the hidden camera.

    “It is shocking," Staley said. "I have gone in there several times with my children after coming for ice cream, so yes, it’s horrible.” 

    Police told NBC 5 Friday night they have received several tips, but at this time have not made any arrests.

    If anyone has information about the man in the photos, please contact the Grapevine Police Department.

    NBC 5's Ray Villeda contributed to this report.