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Help Continues To Pour Into Moore, Oklahoma

McKinney caterers are serving food to people in Moore, Oklahoma



    Help Continues To Pour Into Moore, Oklahoma

    Although parts of Moore, Oklahoma continue to look like a war zone, volunteers continue to help resident with debris clean-up. (Published Sunday, May 26, 2013)

    A week after the deadly twister hit Moore, Oklahoma, help and support are pouring into the city.

    The memories of the tornado will live with many, forever.

    "I wouldn't want to go through it again, wouldn't want anyone else to go through it," said Moore resident Helen Roady.

    Her home, right near Plaza Towers school was destroyed.

    President Obama Visits Moore, OK

    [DFW]  President Obama Visits Moore, OK
    President Obama visits tornado ravaged Moore,Oklahoma.
    (Published Sunday, May 26, 2013)

    "We just got into the cellar, my husband had just closed the door when it took our house," she recalled.

    Roady will also always remember the help she has received. It is everywhere in Moore.

    On Sunday, the President pledged support.

    "We're going to be there as shelter from the storm for the people in Moore who've been impacted." said President Barack Obama. "And when we say we got your back, I promise you we keep our word."

    "Probably made some people feel better that he's concerned," said Roady. "I'm sort of numb right now."

    Support isn't just coming from Washington, DC, but from North Texas as well.

    Seth Ringley and his buddy are involved in catering locally in McKinney. After hearing about Moore they started collecting donations and are cooking for folks in Moore.
    "We love giving back as much as possible, we have been very fortunate in our life," said Ringley.