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"Handsome Guy Bandit" Heads to Prison

Steve Malim sentenced to 35 years



    "Handsome Guy Bandit" Heads to Prison
    The Mississippi Press/Cherie Ward
    Steve Malim, 45, has been sentenced to 35 years in federal prison.

    A federal judge on Monday sentenced to 35 years in prison the man who admitted to being the "Handsome Guy Bandit" responsible for 11 North Texas bank holdups.

    Steve Malim, 45, of Richardson, pleased guilty in Dallas last May to 11 federal counts of bank robbery.

    At Monday's sentencing, Malim broke down in court and told the judge he failed as a father.

    The FBI called Malim the "Handsome Guy Bandit" because of the latex mask he wore when committing the robberies.

    Malim was arrested Jan. 3 in Mississippi after a high-speed chase on Interstate 10 in which a sheriff shot out a tire on the vehicle Malim was driving.

    In addition to prison, Malim was ordered to pay back $51,000 to one of the banks he robbed. Prosecutors said Malim could have received up to live in prison.

    Milam, who allegedly fired on Richardson police officers after his final robbery, still faces trial on attempted murder charges.