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Handcuffed Man Escapes Dallas Police

Man on the run after being handcuffed, detained



    Handcuffed Man Escapes Dallas Police
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    A man wearing handcuffs escaped Dallas police officers from the Montecito Palms Apartment Complex.

    Dallas police are searching for a man who escaped custody while in handcuffs Saturday afternoon.

    The incident took plaec on the 8400-block of Skillman Avenue where the man was being detained for burglary. Police suspect someone is helping him hide, because he didn’t run very far.

    Meanwhile, several neighbors who witnessed the event unfold in different ways are taking safety precautions.

    After what Montecito Palms resident Tasha Thornell heard this afternoon, she is not taking any chances with her family’s safety.

    Handcuffed Man Escapes Dallas Police

    [DFW] Handcuffed Man Escapes Dallas Police
    Dallas police are still looking for a man who fled in handcuffs while being detained for a burglary at the 8400 Block of Skillman
    (Published Sunday, March 25, 2012)

    "Since this is so close above me, in broad daylight, I'm going to go looking for security systems to make sure me and my son are safe,” said Thornell.

    Thornell said she thought furniture was being moved above her apartment at Montecito Palms, but it turned out to be burglary.

    Around 1:55 p.m. police had responded to a call of a suspicious person with a hatchet. Although when the man was arrested, police said he did not have a hatchet in his possession.

    "I'm concerned," said Thornell. "You hear crimes happening at night, but in broad daylight? And to go kick in a door with a hatchet? That's scary, it's very scary."

    When police arrived on scene, they stopped a burglary in a second-floor apartment. The man was arrested after the apartment owner confirmed the burglary. However, as officers were taking the man to the police car, the man in cuffs fled when officers tried to exchange keys.

    "When the officer that was holding the prisoner let him go ... to catch the keys, the suspect-or the arrested person took off running,” said Feliberto Carrillo from the Dallas Police Department.

    Police chased the man to an apartment complex across the street, but K-9 dogs could not find him.

    "Sometimes it's impossible to maintain control of the suspect at all times, although we try to maintain control of the suspect at all times, in some fashion or another,” said Carrillo.”

    Police are still investigating if the man worked alone or if he was with other people. They said they do know what he looks like and a warrant will be issued out for him. Police are also looking into his record.