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Green Cards for Greenbacks in Dallas

Foreign investors with spare $500,000 can get help with green cards



    A new city program is helping immigrants who invest at least $500,000 in Dallas get green cards.

    The city worked with the federal government to create the City of Dallas Regional Cener (CDRC). Each investor must make a minimum $500,000 investment and create at least 10 jobs in Dallas.

    "Dallas is the only city in the nation that has done something like this," Councilman Ron Natinsky said.

    In return, the investors are eligible for a green card for them and their families. However, the government has to approve the cards.

    Dallas Sells Green-Cards to Investors

    [DFW] Dallas Sells Green-Cards to Investors
    A new program in Dallas allows immigrants to invest $500,000 in the city and in return a green card will be issued.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011)

    “At first glance, some people will say, 'Yeah, you know, these people that are going to save up nickels and dimes in mayonnaise jars and invest in a project in Dallas get the green card,' and that’s nothing but further from the truth,” Natinsky said.

    Dozens of investors have signed on, bringing more than $21 million in revenue to Dallas. City leaders say most of the interested investors are from China, Nigeria and Mexico.

    "A majority of them are not interested in coming here to live particularly," Natinsky said. "What they want is, they don't want to have to get a visa to come and go every time they're on a business trip."

    The first project, which is worth $15 million and is expected to create 300 jobs, is under way.

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