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Gov. Perry Helps GM Celebrate 60 Years in Arlington



    The General Motors plant in Arlington rolled out new 2015 SUV's in front of Governor Rick Perry and employees with more than five decades of service as the plant celebrated it's 60th year. (Published Tuesday, May 13, 2014)

    For more than 5 decades, Charlie Hall has been on the job for General Motors in Arlington.

    There is no quit in him.

    "Got a lot of friends here, a job I like. You stay with it for 57 years," said Hall.

    He has seen a lot of changes.

    Now the plant makes about 1,200 SUVs a day.

    And today was a day to celebrate Hall's contribution to that, as well as a launch for the 2015 SUVs.

    Governor Perry came to Arlington for the event, and he got behind the wheel of an Escalade right as it left the assembly line.

    Then, he took the podium and recognized Hall and three other employees who have been with the company for 50 or more years.

    He told everyone here in Texas, a job is more than a paycheck

    "Continue to do what you do in Texas, which is make this place the envy of the rest of the country. Creating an environment where men and women cannot just dream dreams, but make those dreams become a reality," said Governor Perry.

    This is the 60th year of the GM plant in Arlington.

    It's the sprawling facility where people like Hall come in, day after day,

    And Hall is not slowing down.