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Got Money? Donate It!



    Got Money? Donate It!
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    Texas Comptroller Susan Combs is using Collin County as an example of why Texans should check the state's unclaimed property list.

    The city of Plano reclaimed $1,562, while Collin County reclaimed a whopping $74,807.

    The state is holding about $2 billion in unclaimed property for missing owners statewide and estimates 1-in-4 Texans has money waiting to be claimed.

    People who find they have money on the Unclaimed Property List have a new alternative to claiming it. Donate it.

    Texas May Be Holding Your Unclaimed Cash

    [DFW] Texas May Be Holding Your Unclaimed Cash
    The state comptroller is holding unclaimed money belonging everyone from police departments to schools -- and even elected officials.
    (Published Tuesday, June 16, 2009)

    "Unclaimed property owners now have the option to donate all or part of their unclaimed money to the Texas Match the Promise Foundation, an organization created to provide matching scholarships to children enrolled in the Texas Tuition Promise Fund," Combs said.

    A new link on the Unclaimed Property web page makes it easy to donate. is available year-round and contains a complete list of all owners of any amount of unclaimed property from any year.

    You may also inquire about unclaimed property by phone at (800) 654-FIND (3463).