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A mother & daughter’s journey through kidney disease and donation

Wife Gives the Ultimate Gift

Wife donates kidney to husband on anniversary



    Wife Gives the Ultimate Gift
    Methodist Dallas
    Megan and Michael Brooks before his transplant surgery at Methodist Dallas Medical Center. Megan said there were many reasons she decided to donate a kidney to her husband. “He’s a wonderful husband and father. He’s my soulmate,” she says. Michael says when Megan walks in, “she lights up the room. She’s the love of my life.”

    by Bruce Felps

    Well, happy anniversary Michael Brooks.

    Today, he celebrates four years married to Megan Brooks. He’s also going to celebrate one heck of a gift she gave him. At least, he will after he wakes up in recovery.

    Earlier today, doctors at Methodist Dallas Medical Center transplanted a donated kidney into Michael, a kidney given by Megan.

    That, right there, is a selfless gift.

    They found out two years ago Michael’s kidneys were on the decline, and dialysis or a transplant loomed in his future. Megan, along with members of Michael’s immediate family — his dad and brother — lined up to test for a possible match.

    Doctors determined Megan to be the perfect match for organ donation, and the testing went no further.

    The couple will probably just stay in tonight and forego an evening of dinner and dancing to commemorate their wedding anniversary. Next year, though, man, they plan to throw down.

    "We're planning a big trip with family and friends," Megan said in a press release issued by the hospital.

    What’s she going to do for Christmas, though?

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. They wouldn’t even pattern a swimming pool in the shape of his kidneys.