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"Get Up and Do Something:" Couple From "The Blind Side"



    "Get Up and Do Something:" Couple From "The Blind Side"
    Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy spoke at a Dallas church and signed copies of their book.

    A couple portrayed by Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw in a hit movie spoke a Dallas church Sunday.

    Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy took Baltimore Ravens player Michael Oher off the streets and into their home. The blockbuster movie "The Blind Side" was based on a best-selling book about Oher's journey to becoming a college football player, "The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game."

    The Tuohys told the First Baptist Church congregation at three morning worship services that everyone has a blind side.

    "What we tell people is that when that need hits you in the face, much like a piece of popcorn, don't walk away from it," Sean Tuohy said.

    "Michael was deemed totally valueless by society," Leigh Anne Tuohy said. "If he'd have dropped dead on that sidewalk, there wasn't a soul in Memphis, Tenn., that would have cared if he lived or died."

    Churchgoers lined up to have the Tuohys sign their book, In a Heartbeat. It tells how their potentially risky decision to give changed their lives for the better.

    "We think people take chances every day, and you don't even realize the chances you take," Leigh Anne Tuohy said. "But in the book, we talk about, you know, you don't check the air pressure in all four of your tires every morning. You don't get out every bridge you cross and shake it to make sure it's going to hold you up."

    Oher graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2009 and was drafted by the Ravens in the same year.

    "Stop being comfortable sitting in First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas," Leigh Anne Tuohy said. "Get up and do something."

    The Tuohys' appearance was the first of a six-week sermon series at the church titled "Prayers That Really Work."