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Get on the DART Train



    Get on the DART Train
    Texas/OU fans wait to board DART Green Line trains at Fair Park.

    DART officials say they're optimistic riders will have a much better experience taking mass transit to and from the Texas-OU game in October.  DART rail has completed its second day of testing to avoid last year's severe delays.

      "There was a lot of people riding it. It kind of blew me away," Jessica Cuellar said about the congestion she saw last year at the Baylor station. "The trains were just so full of people. And they were so frustrated that a lot of people just started to get off at this stop. And it's a pretty long walk from here."
    It's exactly the scenario DART is trying avoid this year -- hours of delays. "Are you kidding me? I don't get in that kind of traffic. I can watch it better on television," Janet Nix said.
    "This second simulation exercise is going a lot better, for obvious reasons. We have now done it once before," Mark Ball, a DART spokesperson, said. 

    This time the focus was on improving communication among the train operators and dispatchers.
    "I think it's great. That's how you work the bugs out of anything," Nix said. 

    On game day, trains will run along the green line in a clockwise direction. "We're having nowhere near the delays that we had before, so we're getting better at this," Ball said.
    DART will be running the same number of trains at this year's Texas-OU game, and they'll be arriving about every 10 minutes. But it's still a good idea to get there early to catch a train.
    "If you try to hit the public transit one hour before the game, you're probably not going to make it," Ball said. 

    DART Test in Time forTexas-OU

    [DFW] DART Test in Time forTexas-OU
    DART tests line to get ready for Texas-OU Weekend.
    (Published Sunday, June 27, 2010)

    This year, you'll also have the option of taking one of 30 buses.
    DART will run its third and final simulation in August. If all goes as planned, DART will be prepared to carry nearly 20,000 more people than at last year's game.