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Geezles Rally Spirit at North Texas

First home game carries special meaning for the Geezle organization



    Saturday marks a big day for the University of North Texas.The new Apogee football stadium will be put to use for the first time as North Texas takes on the University of Houston.

    The opening game is extra special for a group of loyal fans called the Geezles.

    "How that name came about really is immaterial. It is what they became once they were on campus and what they did with themselves. That's what I like to think about," said James Stinson, Geezle member.

    The Geezles were the first social fraternity at UNT. Today, there are no Geezles left on campus.

    UNT Geezles Full of Team Spirit

    [DFW] UNT Geezles Full of Team Spirit
    The Geezles are an organization that continues to give back to the University of North Texas.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 9, 2011)

    "There's not many Geezles left that aren't on social security," said Stinson.

    There are still hundreds of active members and the organization continues to give back to the school that paved their path.

    "We've got people back from the '30s and '40s and '50s that are still involved today at UNT. They are very loyal," Geezle and former UNT football player Dan Smith said. "There have been cycles, without a doubt. But, we had some wonderful seasons."

    Mean Green Fans Hyped For New Season

    [DFW] Mean Green Fans Hyped For New Season
    The University of North Texas hopes the new stadium and new head football coach, Dan McCarney, will be game changers for the program and the entire university.
    (Published Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011)

    The new stadium is more than bright lights and big spending. It's a way for the Geezles to rally the spirit that they once felt.

    "We want to see the spirit reborn on campus," said Stinson.

    The group donated a bronze eagle that sits in the stadium's end zone. They hope the eagle, named Spiriki, will unite fans and players. 

    "The eagle and the stadium means continued leadership, which really is our mission," said R.L. Crawford, Jr., Geezle member.

    "As long as that eagle stands there, the Geezles are still alive," said Stinson.

    Their spirit is built up by decades and they want it to last for generations to come.