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Garland Twins Committ to Same College on Signing Day

Garland High School twins Amber and Amanda headed to Vernon College



    In Garland, twin sister softball players signed to the same college on Wednesday on National Signing Day. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013)

    The first Wednesday of February typically means National Signing Day and with the stroke of a pen, many North Texas athletes are marking their college committments.

    In Garland, twin sisters Amber and Amanda Caudillo are starting to fulfill their dream of playing softball together in college.

    The two, who have shared everything since birth, are headed to Vernon College in Wichita Falls.

    "It's exciting because we made our parents proud and make it easier on them so we have a chance to do something with our lives," said Amanda."It's exciting that we actually get to do something together and we'll always have someone there and I won't be alone through it all."

    "It means a lot. I love this sport. I've loved it all along," said Amber.

    The first-generation Garland High School seniors officially accepted their scholarship offers to play softball at Vernon College on Wednesday.

    It's what their parents have always wanted since they never had the opportunity to attend college.

    "I've been proud of them all my life, you know? But it was something, too, I'll remember for the rest of my life," said Perfecto Caudillo, the girls' father.

    This year more than 60 athletes from seven schools in the Garland Independent School District were honored with athletic scholarships for taking their passions and hard work to the next level.

    "They prove that if you want something bad enough, you can go out and get it. Everything is achievable," said, Brenda Webb, the girls' mother.

    A sport the twins shared since they were five years old is now translating into a life of new possibilities. The twins plan on becoming roommates when they attend Vernon College in the fall.