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Garland Gun Range, Rowlett Close to Deal Over Safety Issues

City of Rowlett took gun range to court after bullets hit homes



    A year-long court battle between a Garland shooting range and Rowlett residents, who say bullets are hitting their homes, is almost over. (Published Monday, April 22, 2013)

    A yearlong court battle between a Garland shooting range and the city of Rowlett over complaints of stray bullets that hit homes is almost over.

    Rowlett filed an injunction to shut down the nearby Garland Public Shooting Range after residents in that city complained that stray bullets had hit their homes.

    The owner has maintained that bullets are not leaving the range.

    Lawyers on both sides met Monday with a judge and said they have almost reached a resolution.

    "Hopefully if they hurry up and construct the improvements they're promising to do now, we'll be exactly where we needed to be a year and a half ago," said David Berman, Rowlett city attorney.

    Attorneys for the gun range said major upgrades, such as constructing a 20-foot berm, were already made. However, the biggest breakthrough came after range owners agreed to build special barriers that would help minimize bullets from leaving the property.

    Randal Mathis, who represents the gun range, said he hopes to have a deal handed to Berman sometime this week.

    "This is the only concern that we have ever had from the very beginning, is making sure that someone shooting from the firing line would not be able to launch projectiles over the backstop and hit people in homes in the subdivision," Berman said. "If they do the work they promised to do, [it] will resolve the safety issues at the gun range."

    Both parties have been ordered to return to court in 30 days, which gives them time to iron out the details of the deal.