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Frisco Warns of Man Impersonating Police Officer

Impostor driving unmarked Chevy Tahoe stopped, searched teenager walking home



    Frisco police said a man impersonating as a police officer handcuffed and searched a teenager late Wednesday night.

    The teenager was stopped while walking near Hickory Street and North County while walking home from a friend's house at about 10:30 p.m.

    The victim told police he saw a white Chevrolet Tahoe that he thought was a police vehicle following him. When he stopped walking to face the vehicle, a man in a uniform got out and ordered him to remove his coat.

    "The victim was then handcuffed and forcefully pushed onto the hood of the vehicle and ordered to keep his head down while he was searched," a police report on the incident said.

    Frisco Police Looking for Impostor

    [DFW] Frisco Police Looking for Impostor
    Frisco police are looking for man who is impersonating a police officer.
    (Published Friday, Oct. 21, 2011)

    "The victim provided his name and birthday to the subject, who re-entered the vehicle and appeared to work on a laptop computer," the report said.

    The teenager told police that the man was driving an unmarked, late-model white Chevrolet Tahoe with a black grill/bumper guard and that a computer was mounted on a stand in the center of the sport utility vehicle.

    Frisco patrol officers drive white Tahoes and have computers mounted near the center of the front seat. But the bumper guard the victim described extended over the entire grille of the vehicle, including the lights, which is different from authentic patrol SUVs. The man's tires and rims were also entirely black, while Frisco police vehicles have a silver center cap.

    Patrol vehicles are also lettered with "POLICE FRISCO" in blue and gray, have lights and have dash cameras mounted in the windows.

    In addition, the teenager told police that the man did not activate any overhead lights or use a spotlight, both of which are inconsistent with police training.

    The victim said the man had a badge visible on his right chest, but Frisco police officers wear their badges on the left and have identifying patches on their sleeves.

    Investigators ask that anyone who has knowledge of the man or who spots him to call 911.

    They also said all residents should use caution and common sense when being pulled over by an unmarked police vehicle. People can always call 911 to verify a real officer is pulling them over.

    NBC 5's Randy McIlwain contributed to this report.