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Frisco Gets Ready for Dove Hunting

Area in city available to dove hunters is shrinking because of Frisco's growth



    Tension Rises Over Dove Hunting

    Dove hunting means big business for some North Texas residents, but others feel the sport needs new zoning laws. (Published Friday, Aug. 31, 2012)

    Dove-hunting season opens statewide on Saturday.

    The weekend means big business to David Gray, who owns Frisco-based Dove Blasters.

    Gray allows hunting on leased land just northwest of the Sam Rayburn Tollway in Frisco.

    "On this field, there will be 63 hunters," he said.

    Gray said both his business and interest in the sport has grown considerably.

    As neighborhoods have popped up, the amount of acreage available to hunters in Frisco has diminished -- even since 2009.

    Because hunters may not shoot within 600 feet of a residential subdivision or home, nor can they hunt within 1,000 feet of a hospital or school, new development has meant many changes in zoning.

    "The way Frisco is growing right now, we're lucky right here," Gray said.

    Dede Hicks, who works in Frisco, has become accustomed to the sound of hunters in a nearby field.

    "It could be a boom, it's sometimes a pop-pop," she said.

    But Hicks said the distance rules do not give her complete peace of mind.

    "It concerns me about the kids, the animals, the people out walking," she said. "It's just a concern."

    Gray said he has never had an incident and that his hunters know better than to shoot over a road or toward a structure.

    Game wardens will be out in full force over the weekend, checking hunting licenses.

    Residents are urged to call police if hunters are not following the law.