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Friends Hold Vigil for Woman Missing One Year



    Lisa Stone disappeared from her east Dallas home last June. (Published Sunday, June 5, 2011)

    Lisa Stone disappeared from her Dallas home one year ago Sunday. Three former Mesquite High School classmates, who are determined to find out what happened to her, held a vigil to try to get new leads in the case.

    Dozens of people who attended the vigil released butterflies to remember the 51-year-old woman. Three women - Joni Shannon, Tina Wiley, and Tammye Markle - have made it their mission not to let the case go cold.

    "It's a little surreal. I woke up at 2:30 this morning thinking about her and couldn't go back to sleep," said Shannon. "She did not deserve this at all. It was totally uncalled for. We think she's not coming back. We don't know who did it for sure."

    Dallas police have questioned Stone's former live-in partner and consider her a person of interest.

    Shannon said she made a troubling find near Stone's East Dallas home - a dumpster containing Stone's most precious personal belongings, including Bibles, her birth certificate, and other mementos.

    "Sometimes we just want to scream out because we want answers and it's been so long. We thought this would've been solved a long time ago," said Wiley. "For someone to have such a large presence in your life and then all of a sudden disappear, it's very heartbreaking."

    They've put up a website and a Facebook page to get the word out about their missing friend. And they bought a billboard announcing a $10,000 Crime Stoppers reward for information leading to an arrest and criminal charges.

    "At some point they're going to be so overwhelmed by having to run all the time that they're going to get tired. And that's what we're banking on," said Tammye Markle. "What really keeps us going is our dedication to her and also God."

    They may never see Stone again, but they'll always remember her as a loving friend.