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Free Life Jackets Before the Fourth

Lewisville Fire Departments hands out free life jackets



    The Lewisville Fire Department will hand out free life jackets this holiday weekend.

    Lake Lewisville officials are bracing for the busiest weekend of the year -- and a greater chance of accidents on the water.

    The fire department's Dive Rescue Unit says life jackets are a key factor in water safety.

    "We have found bodies in the swim area and out in the middle of the lake after, maybe, people just jumped in the water to take a swim without a life jacket on," Capt. Kevin Brule said.

    Free Life Jackets for Kids on Lake Lewisville

    [DFW] Free Life Jackets for Kids on Lake Lewisville
    The Lewisville Fire Department's "Vested For Life" program aims to decrease the number of drownings.
    (Published Thursday, June 30, 2011)

    The rescue team gives away hundreds of free life jackets to children at swimming areas on the weekends as part of the department's Vested for Life program.

    "It seemed like we were responding to the swim areas on several of the near drowning or drowning calls, and they did involve children," Fire Chief Steve Carter said.

    The jackets are paid for by community donations.