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Four Plano Homes Hit by Bullets

Police do not know if shots were random or if someone was targeted



    Someone shot into several Plano homes Monday night, police say.

    Witnesses said the gunfire broke out at about 8:30 p.m.

    "We heard cars, engines revving," Robert Straschewski said. "People were outside, neighbors were screaming. At first, we thought, 'Oh, it's firecrackers,' but then we realized, 'No, it's gunfire.'"

    Four homes were peppered with bullets. Three of the houses were hit from the back, and one was struck from the front.

    Plano Homes Peppered by Bullets

    [DFW] Plano Homes Peppered by Bullets
    Plano police have stepped up patrols after someone pulled out a gun and shot at several homes on Blackjack Oak Drive.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011)

    Plano police said investigators do not know if it was a random act or if someone was targeted.

    "The biggest question is, what is the motive on this?" officer David Tilley said.

    Straschewski said he and his family moved to Plano from Los Angeles to escape such situations.

    "I know you hear that all the time on the news -- 'This isn't that kind of neighborhood,'" said his wife, Carey. "But you know what? It isn't that kind of neighborhood."

    The Straschewskis said families were inside the homes that were struck.

    "They actually had a bullet come through the back, into their game room and embedded itself in the older daughter's bedroom door," Carey Straschewski said. "Then, the house on the other side of us, the daughter and mom were standing in the kitchen, and a bullet came in through the kitchen."

    She said she wants answers.

    "Why did this happen? Someone telling me this is a random shooting -- that's not good enough, because that means it can happen again," she said.

    Police have increased patrols in the neighborhood.