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Four Escape Wichita Falls Jail; Three Captured



    Four Escape Wichita Falls Jail; Three Captured
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    Officials identified the four as 22-year-old Jimmy Noel Hughes, 19-year-old Devontae DeShaun Combs, 19-year-old James Thomas McLendon and 21-year-old Daniel Cicilio Ramos.

    After four inmates escaped from a Wichita County jail, the only one still at large Thursday night had not been part of the others' elaborate plan but followed along after seeing them break out, authorities said.

    Sheriff David Duke identified missing inmate as Deonte Marquis Combs, 19. Authorities said a previous name they released in identifying Combs was one of his many aliases.

    "We've had leads on him all day, and we're going to press on into the night," Duke told The Associated Press.

    The four inmates were discovered missing about 7 a.m. Thursday during a routine check, about 30 minutes after they were seen at breakfast. Authorities said they apparently climbed out through the top bars and a vent to the roof at the Wichita County Jail Annex, which is undergoing construction.

    Duke said three men climbed out first, then Combs saw them and "decided to take advantage of the situation." Video footage shows Combs, who had been jailed since May on assault and drug charges, fled in a different direction from the others, Duke said.

    The other three stole a pickup and drove to the home of another inmate's relative in nearby Clay County, where they were captured Thursday afternoon after running into a field as police dogs and helicopters approached, Duke said.

    Authorities said the inmates captured were Jimmy Noel Hughes, 22, who had been jailed on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child; James Thomas McLendon, 19, jailed since June on a burglary charge; and Daniel Cicilio Ramos, 21, jailed since June on criminal mischief and burglary charges. The Wichita County District Attorney's Office did not respond to inquiries from The Associated Press about the status of those cases.

    The escapees were wearing jeans and T-shirts rather than jail uniforms, the Wichita Falls Times Record News reported on its website Thursday.

    Duke said some friends of another inmate provided the three escapees with clothes, food and a place to stay. A fifth inmate who did not escape and two people who are not in jail will be charged in connection with the breakout scheme, Duke said.