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Fort Worth Postpones Garbage, Recycling Pickup



    Fort Worth has postponed garbage and recycling pickup Wednesday because of inclement weather.

    Trucks started routes earlier than normal on Wednesday, but suspended service at about 8 a.m. for safety reasons, the city said. Crews were called back after trash vehicles almost hit several mailboxes and cars.

    The delay means residents who get their trash picked up on Wednesdays haven't had their garbage collected in two weeks.

    Fort Worth had also scrapped trash pickup last week from Tuesday through Friday. Crews did not return to their normal schedule once the weather improved Wednesday because officials did not want to miss anyone who pulled their cans back.

    Winter Weather Keeps City Workers Busy in Fort Worth

    [DFW] Winter Weather Keeps City Workers Busy in Fort Worth
    Road crews were out early to sand ice-prone areas, but trash service has been delayed.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011)

    The city said residents should leave their cans out until they are collected. Trash collection will be pushed back one day beginning Thursday, with Wednesday's trash picked up Thursday.

    "We know that it's an inconvenience to our customers to wait another day, but this is the safest way to do it," said Brandon Bennett, Code Compliance Department director.

    But if trash accumulates on city streets, crews can be called to make an emergency pickup, Bennett said.

    The city will resume its normal collection schedule starting Monday.

    "Hopefully it will be in the 70s next week, and this will be nothing but a memory," Bennett said.

    The weather also iced garbage collection in Dallas.

    Dallas is extending pickup through Saturday, with crews working late hours on Thursday, Friday and into Saturday. Thursday and Friday customers should put their recycling and garbage carts out on their normal collection day and leave them out until they are picked up -- which could take a day or two.

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