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Fort Worth Firefighter Honored



    Fort Worth Fire Lt. Tommy Abercrombie was honored by the Fort Worth South Rotary Club and others for his life saving work last September. 

    It all started with reports of an hysterical woman who either fell or jumped into the pond off Western Center Boulevard and I-35W.
    Arriving police jumped in after her, but at least one of them, Officer Shane Farmer, soon found himself exhausted and weighed down by his equipment and the flailing woman.
    Abercrombie was part of the crew of firefighters who arrived to help.
    “I saw two people on the water and heard people hollering and heard the female moaning and at that time, they were both struggling to stay above water and going under,” Abercrombie said.
    Abercrombie was able to pull the woman off of Farmer, while other officers helped pull him to safety. But then there was one more obstacle.
    "We all got over to the side, we still couldn't get out, the grass was thick enough, it was still over our heads, and we couldn't find a space to get out," Abercrombie said. "So at that time, I just grabbed hold of a bunch of the cattails and kind of squeezed everybody up against the grass and hollered for the rest of crew."
    Everyone made it out alive that night.