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Former South Dallas Councilman Laid to Rest

Leo V. Chaney Jr. Died In A House Fire



    People filled True Lee Missionary Baptist church Saturday for the funeral service of former Dallas councilman Leo V. Chaney, Jr. (Published Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013)

    There's no doubt that Saturday morning's clear blue skies lent the perfect backdrop for the final goodbye of Leo V. Chaney Jr. at the True Lee Missionary Baptist church.

    "Thank you Leo Chaney Jr., most versatile -- 'the big cat,' city councilman of sunny South Dallas where the sun always shines," Chaney said.

    But instead of just mourning the loss of the 62-year old south Dallas native, it was celebration and reflection of his life. 
    For eight years Chaney’s south Dallas constituents were one of his top priorities. While in office, he revitalized Bexar Street and co-founded the Tulisoma book fair. On Saturday, his service was recognized.
    "South Dallas proper is coming into its own," said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. "We've got so much going for it and he laid the foundation."
    With song and prayer, those closest to Chaney tried to cope with his unexpected death after a house fire Monday. 
    "This is our Leo -- our beloved son, husband, father, grandad, brother, uncle and cousin in whom we are well-pleased," one of Chaney’s family members said.