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Flooding Destroys Homes in Granbury



    Flash floods forced people from their homes in Granbury. (Published Monday, June 23, 2014)

    On Monday, some people who live in Granbury finally got back to their homes after high water flooded their street.

    And many of those living on Quail Ridge Court found little left.

    “It is a disaster. Everything is ruined. We salvaged a few pictures form the wall but that is it that is all,” said homeowner Faye Herring.

    But with mostly everything destroyed, her husband, Don, said they were lucky the road was impassible when they got home from church yesterday

    “If we had come home and could have got across when we got home from church, if we were in the house when it washed off we might not be here this morning,” said Herring.

    His home, like some of his neighbors, was not in the same place it was yesterday, pushed several feet from the flooding.

    Now, they have to wait to find out what insurance will cover, as friends help them clean out their home.

    “I am not building here again,” added Herring.