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Lewisville ISD Tries Out "Flipped" Classrooms

Lectures done at home, with homework done during class time



    Lewisville ISD Tries Out "Flipped" Classrooms
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    Editor's Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the middle school as Briarwood Middle School. The school is Briarhill Middle School. NBC 5 regrets the error.

    Lewisville school district teachers who are embracing a new method of teaching are finding that it works.

    They are "flipping" their classrooms -- meaning there are no lectures at school and homework is done during class time.

    Briarhill Middle School math teacher Cathy Bray does not lecture during class time. Instead, students are exposed to the material at home on their computers or smartphones. When they come school, it is time for homework.

    "The application happens inside the classroom rather than a student getting the basic and having to make that leap at home," she said.

    When students file into her algebra class, they have already heard the day's lesson.

    "We come in, and we usually discuss what we did the night before, and then if we have any questions, we will figure it all out," eighth-grader Jade Anderson said.

    Bray said flipped classrooms allow students to ask more questions and take the guessing out of homework.

    "As a math teacher, a lot of times, the kids go home and they do 30 problems, and they do them all wrong," she said.

    Other schools in North Texas and around the country are also trying out the teaching method.