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AA Flight Attendants Want Ban on '30 Rock'

Flight attendants move to remove Alec Baldwin's show



    Flight attendants at American Airlines aren't very happy with Alec Baldwin.

    The actor showed up on NBC's Saturday Night Live this weekend as the pilot of the American Airlines flight he was kicked off last week.

    Baldwin was told to leave the plane while it was parked at a gate in Los Angeles after he refused to stop playing "Words with Friends" on his iPad and turn off the device.

    "Mr. Baldwin is an American treasure, and I am ashamed at the way he was treated" said Baldwin posing as "Captain Steve Rogers," "I mean, what harm would it do to let him keep playing his game? Not any game, mind you, but a word game for smart people."

    AA Flight Attendants Want Ban on '30 Rock'

    [DFW] AA Flight Attendants Want Ban on '30 Rock'
    Flight attendants at American Airlines aren't very happy with Alec Baldwin.
    (Published Monday, Dec. 12, 2011)

    Many pilots and flight attendants aren't laughing.

    "Sometimes it gets a little bit annoying because people think they're above what mere mortals have to do" says American Airlines flight attendant Jane McAllister. "You know, when it's time to turn it off, you turn it off. It's that simple."

    "He's pretty naive and immature not to be able to understand that concept", says Captain Matt Turner, a pilot for American.

    Flight attendants are so upset, their union is now asking that Baldwin's show on NBC, "30 Rock" be taken off American's in-flight entertainment schedule.

    "There's a difference between being funny and being mean", says Jeff Pharr with the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, "and those comments he made about our flight attendants were mean."

    "A simple apology goes a long way" and "Saturday's appearance didn't help that" Pharr said.

    Pilots are also peeved after Saturday's skit.

    "I was disappointed it was making light of something very serious and poking fun at a group of employees that are very proud and a historic airline that are going through a tough time right now" says Captain Steve Roach with the Allied Pilots Association.

    For now, Baldwin's show is still playing on some American flights.

    "NBC routinely rotates programs on and off what is offered on board" says spokesman Tim Smith, "and not all programming is the same on every flight. At this time, '30 Rock' continues to air on some of our flights, but not others, which is our standard programming procedure."

    Smith says there have been "some discussions" about banning Baldwin from future flights on American Airlines, but says there has been no decision reached.

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