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Flag Flap Flies in The Colony



    Flag Flap Flies in The Colony

    Some residents are upset because flags are included in The Colony's law against signs on trees and fences.

    Amy Gordon-Flores was furious Monday after she found a notice on her doorstep telling her she has 10 days to remove her American flag from her tree, or face a fine from city code enforcement. 

    "Because this is America, we should be able to hang an American flag on our tree," she said. 

    The Colony's Mayor Joe McCourry said it's not an issue of being un-American -- it's about trying to enforce more uniform standards of neighborhood beauty. 

    Homeowners Slam "Un-American" Decision Over Flag Flying

    [DFW] Homeowners Slam "Un-American" Decision Over Flag Flying
    The Colony is threatening to fine homeowners who fly the Star-Spangled Banner on trees or fences.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009)

    "Nobody is against the flag, I give my life for the flag," said McCourry, who is a Marine Corps veteran.

    He said people are welcome to fly flags on flagpoles and homes, but the ordinance's definition of a sign includes flags, and signs are not allowed on trees or fences.

    Jeff Scoggin said he's flying his American flag in defiance of the law and is ready to fight.

    "That can't make me take it down and God help me if anyone tries to," he said. "They can fine me, they can put a lien on my property, that's fine I do have an attorney."

    The mayor said he's willing to reconsider if the majority of residents agree. The Colony City Council holds its next meeting on Nov. 3 and the Mayor said he invites people to show up and voice their opinions.