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First Fatality Recorded on Nation's Fastest Highway



    First Fatality Recorded on Nation's Fastest Highway

    The driver of a Honda Civic died after a crash with a Chevy Tahoe in the south bound lanes of state Highway 130 Sunday, the first day the newly opened toll road began charging customers, KXAN-TV in Austin reports.

    Mustang Ridge police told KXAN the crash happened in the newly opened section of SH130 Toll, where the speed limit is 85 mph.

    Police are still investigating the cause of the crash and did not say how fast the cars were traveling, but they did confirm that wild hogs were not a factor in the crash. Four accidents involving wild hogs were reported the first night the toll road opened.

    The driver and the passenger of the Tahoe suffered minor injuries.

    The 41-mile toll road opened Oct. 24. The road has the highest posted speed limit in the U.S. at 85 mph.

    Sunday was the first day drivers paid tolls on the road. Prior to that, the road had been free to drivers wanting to try out the new road.

    Police are not currently releasing the identity of the driver. KXAN will keep you updated as more details become available.