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Fireworks For Sale Despite Burn Ban



    People who own firework's stands have cause for concern since burn bans are in effect for much of North Texas.

    Heavy lifting in anticipation for the July fourth holiday has already begun just over the bridge from Allen in Lucas, despite the bans.

    "We work all year to get ready and then for the next ten days we're 24/7," said Nathan Bullard, owner of Mr. Big's Discount Fireworks.

    Friday was the first day of fireworks sales in Collin County and Bullard is making sure his customers have their pick of fireworks.

    Fireworks Now For Sale

    [DFW] Fireworks Now For Sale
    Fireworks went on sale today in Collin County despite the burn ban in effect for much of North Texas.
    (Published Friday, June 24, 2011)

    "We'll be ready to go at 3 p.m," said Bullard. "You can get anywhere from the little kiddie fireworks to one a two-year-old can throw on the ground and pop, all the way up to semi-professional shows. I mean people really get involved."

    This year, Bullard is worried business won't be booming.

    "A lot of confusion and it's easy to see why they're confused because the rains have come in some places and hasn't in others," he said.

    Extremely dry conditions are to blame for the burn bans, which Bullard said many of his customers don't understand.

    "One of the biggest misconceptions is when people hear burn ban they automatically think fireworks have been banned also," said Bullard. "That's not true. Fireworks are still legal. You can still buy them, you can still pop them as long as you're not in the city limits and you're on private property with permission."

    Right in the back of Bullard's fireworks stand, folks will be able create their own Fourth of July magic; setting off their fireworks under safe conditions.

    "We have 20 acres," said Bullard. "Every year we hire the volunteer fire department, we get paramedics, we get the police department involved."

    In the past Bullard said he has had up to 3000 people setting off fireworks behind his stand on July fourth.

    He said he hopes it will be the same this year.