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Fire-Walking: You Can Do It



    Fire-Walking: You Can Do It

    People who want to learn to walk on hot coals or broken glass don't have to travel to mystical circles in far away places. They can stay right here in North Texas and visit  the Fire-walking Institute of Research and Education in Flower Mound.

    People visit the Fire-walking Institute of Research and Education in Flower Mound from all over the world. They walk on glass, break boards, and of course, walk on fire. Many of them are life coaches and motivational speakers. 

    “When you can safely lead people through things they think of as very frightening, then they start to see things in their lives that they think of as frightening really maybe aren't,” said Brandi Slater, an instructor visiting from California.  
    Instructors believe the key to overcoming anything holding you back is to learn how to conquer your fear. The seminars are held at Charles Horton's home.
    “If you have fears that are holding you back in life, such as you're not starting the business of your dreams, getting the career of your dreams, going after the mate of your dreams," said Horton. "If some fear is holding you back, this is an excellent opportunity to get over those fears."
    The fire-walk is the ultimate event, if you can do this devotees say, you can do anything. Horton says it's not as dangerous as it looks, and those who participate leave inspired. The seminars are typically not for the general public, but for instructors-in-training.