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Few Clues in Sorority Rape Cases

After one year, police are no closer to finding suspect despite highly publicized video



    One year has passed since the last attack of rapist targeting members of Delta Sigma Theta. (Published Monday, Oct. 22, 2012)

    Cheryl Smith is on a mission. She's a 35-year member of Delta Sigma Theta and a journalist, pursuing the man who's stalking her sorority sisters.

    "I think about it a lot," said Smith. "I think about it everyday. I say 'please, let's catch this person'."

    "I feel in my gut someone knows him and someone knows what he has done and we need to speak out."

    Each week, in Smith's two weekly newspapers, an entire page is devoted to information about the suspect.  Police said he committed home invasion style rapes of Delta Sigma Theta members in Plano, Coppell and Shady Shores dating back to November of 2010 and as recent as October 2011.

    Information about the man plays on a video loop in the lobby of Plano's Police Department.

    "It is something everyone thinks about, our officers as well, 'cause they walk through that front door and they pass by there," said David Tilley with the Plano Police Department. "It's a daily reminder this is something that weighs heavily on us. We want to solve this."

    The video was taken near a convenience store in Mesquite, within minutes of the man calling one of his victims.  The video's release has failed to produce a name. By now his appearance may have changed.

    "He did make a mistake, we do have his DNA," said Tilley.  NBC 5 reported that information in February of 2012.

    Which means police will know they have the right guy if they ever catch him. Cheryl Smith is determined to see it happen.

    "I could be a target, he could say 'let me shut her up'," Smith said. "But I will go down fighting. I will go down on the right side of history.  Because I won't be silent letting any type of abuse happen."