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Father's Day Eve Arrives in North Texas



    Father's Day Eve Arrives in North Texas

    There's a new holiday to add to your calendar: Father's Day Eve. (Published Wednesday, June 14, 2017)

    There's a new holiday to add to your calendar: Father's Day Eve. And it has arrived here in North Texas.

    This started in Minnesota as a way to give dads an opportunity to connect as fathers away from their families. Nobody wanted to interfere with family time on Father's Day, so someone said, "how about the night before?” And Father's Day Eve was born.

    Recently, a few dads headed out to the Dallas Zoo and discussed all the positives the new holiday brings.

    “It's a dad's night out to celebrate fatherhood," said Jeff Tepper, who runs a Dallas dads group. "One thing we find that all dads have in common, even if we come from all walks of life, is we can talk about our kids."

    Tepper organizing the Dallas event for the night before Father's Day.

    “For working guys we're seeing they're more concerned about fatherhood and work balance with work, and with stay at home dads it's much more of a thing as well," Tepper said. "Everyone seems to be more interested in fatherhood.”

    The fathers realize it's an important job; one that will make a huge difference for their kids as they grow. So, this isn't just a chance to grab a beer with the boys.

    "It’s not a typical dads night out, we talk we have fun, but guys do bring serious topics," Tepper added. "It's a place where guys can feel comfortable supporting each other and talking about issues where maybe that didn't happen in the past.”

    “The days of the dad who came home and sit on the chair and watched the news all night are over," said Anton Jacobs, who was visiting the zoo with his daughter, Carly. "Everyone wants to be more involved in their childrens' lives.”

    “You meet a lot of friends as you go through life, but they're not all going through the same stage of life as you are, so it's nice to talk to people who are going through the same things at the same time,” said Derek Hubbard, who had his hands full with twins Liam and Lucy and baby Olivia.

    Saturday night, it'll be about sharing how important these moments are. There are several events taking place in North Texas. Here's a list of the ones we know about.

    Happy Father’s Day!

    Dallas - The Colony:

    Andy is planning a gathering at local restaurant.

    Fort Worth:

    Brad, a Dad Blogger, is planning a charity event at an archery place Cinnamon Creek


    Jeff is a "City Dads" Organizer, and planning a gathering at the Cidercade arcade.

    All the events are listed on the website fatherseve.com

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