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Father and Son Recovering After House Explosion

Both men have burns on 30 percent of their bodies.



    A father and son are recovering in the hospital after both men were badly burned when part of their Richardson home exploded.

    Firefighters said Darryn Huffman, 51, makes jewelry for a living and didn’t realize a propane tank he keeps inside his home for work was leaking.

    His son Shelby Huffman, 20, was also home at the time.

    The men smelled the gas leaking and went into the front room to find the source of the gas when the furnace in the front room exploded, blowing out multiple windows and catching both men on fire.

    Family Recovering After House Explosion

    [DFW] Family Recovering After House Explosion
    Darryn and Shelby Huffman are recovering after they were badly burned when part of their house exploded.
    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012)

    Family members said both father and son have burns on approximately 30 percent of their bodies.

    “His arms and his hands are the worst,” said mom Robyn Huffman, talking about Shelby. “His hair was really fried because of the fire as well.”

    Family friend, Kim Larson, said Darryn Huffman has similar burns.

    “[He’s] very swollen because they have to administer a lot of fluids and stuff like that. He’s burned on his hands and his chest. His face is burned also,” Larson said.

    Both men will need multiple surgeries and skin grafts.

    “It’s pretty overwhelming sometimes. And some days, after their procedures in the morning, it’s kind of hard to see them when they come back,” Larson said. “But we’re here for them. We love them no matter what they look like and they know that.”

    Larson also said through the pain, there is humor -- something the Huffman family will come to rely on in the following months.

    “His spirit is still there,” said Larson talking about Darryn Huffman. “His sense of humor is still there. And when they came to check him last night and asked him who he was he said 'Elvis Presley' and laughed, so you know it’s still there. Darryn’s still there.”

    Family members are in the process of setting up a fund for the two men at Chase Bank.