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Family's Security Cameras Capture Burglary



    Garland Theft Caught on Camera

    For the fifth time in two years, a Garland family has been the victim of crime. This time the theft was caught on the family's home security camera. (Published Tuesday, March 12, 2013)

    A Garland family that has been burglarized five times in the last two years caught the most recent burglary on home security cameras.

    The burglar stole thousands of dollars in tools from the Thompsons' home in the 2800 block of Naples Drive on March. 4.

    The burglar used a pair of bolt cutters on the storage trailer in their driveway at about 5 a.m.

    "The boys came out to put the trash away and actually came in and said, 'Someone had broke into the trailer,'" Stacie Thompson said.

    Because their truck was broken into two weeks earlier, she thought at first that it was a joke.

    "To have it happen twice in a matter of two weeks is really an indication of the times," Joe Thompson said.

    The couple installed their security cameras after their trucks were burglarized on three separate occasions in front of their home over a two-year period of time.

    They said they hope the footage of this crime might lead to an arrest.