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Family Mourns 4-Year-Old Killed in a Fire

Family felt helpless as house burned with toddler inside.



    Family Mourns 4-Year-Old Killed in a Fire
    The boy's father suffered severe burns while trying to rescue his son from Friday's fire.

    Dallas County family is in mourning after  a 4-year-old member of their family was killed in a house fire Friday morning.

    Zeth Carrier's aunt, Julia, said her nephew was one of a kind.

    “He's amazing he was so full of life you could not have asked for a happier baby. He had a laugh you could hear miles away and it would just light up, he was amazing," she said.

    Early Friday morning, a fire started in his home in southeast Dallas County. Zeth's father and brother were able to escape, but the flames grew quickly and Zeth was trapped inside.

    "I was actually down there when the house was burning and to know your nephew is inside and you can't do a single thing,"Julia said. "Everybody feels really helpless but we're staying strong cause that's all we can do."

    Zeth's father, Kevin Carrier tried to get back in to save his son, and was burned on his arms, shoulder and face in the process. Julia said for the family, moving forward is going to be hard. She and her daughter created a memorial outside of the burned down house.

    "It's definitely hard, I have a little girl the same age and she doesn't comprehend anything. Her and I took balloons down there and teddy bears and stuff and all she could do is [say], 'Mommy where's Zeth?'" Julia said.

    It's a question she doesn't know how to answer, to her daughter, or even herself.

    "We've got to make funeral arrangements for a baby, which it's not fair," Julia said.

    Zeth's father Kevin was being treated for his burns at a local hospital. His family said he is expected to be released Sunday. Firefighters believe a space heater may have started that fire.

    A fun has been opened to help cover the cost of Zeth's funeral.  
    American National Bank: The Zeth Carrier Fund.