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Families Remember Violence Victims

Shooting victims honored



    Families Remember Violence Victims
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    A photo frame of Karen Soltero and her sister Wendy Soltero, who was gunned down during a robbery in 2000. The North Texan was attending college in Los Angeles and was 22 years old at the time.

    On the somber one year anniversary of the Tuscon shootings which killed six and seriously injured Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a local church gathered for a vigil. That vigil: to help prevent gun violence.

    Beth Soltero lost her  North Texas born daughter on October 28, 2000. Her daughter, 22-year old Wendy Soltero was studying at Occidental College in the Los Angeles area. She was picking up a friend that night, when she became the victim of a robbery spree.

    She was one of four robberies that night by a duo, and in her case, the robber pulled a gun and killed her.  “It could happen to anyone,” says Beth Soltero.

    That’s why she and her daughter travel and tell their story. They’re looking for more background checks when it comes to buying guns.  “We have to make changes, responsible gun ownership,” explained Soltero.

    On Sunday night, outside a Dallas church,  folks  lit candles and remembered those lost in the Tuscon shootings, as well as those who die everyday as a result of senseless gun violence.

    “It’s the biggest hole in your life, your fiber, your being,” said Soltero.