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False 911 Caller Turns Himself In

Keenan Johnson made false call that led to police shooting and tensions.



    False 911 Caller Turns Himself In
    Dallas County Sheriff Dept.
    Dallas Police said Keenan Johnson (left) turned himself into officers. He said he made a false 911 call after being beaten by James Harper (right), who police shot and killed.

    There's another arrest connected to a deadly police shooting in Southeast Dallas.

    Keenan Johnson turned himself in Dallas Police on Saturday night.  Officers said he made the false 911 call that led to police storming a home on Bourquin Street. A DPD officer shot and killed James Harper on Tuesday in the aftermath of a drug house raid.

    In a police statement: "Johnson alleges that several days prior to the incident on Bourquin, he had been viciously beaten by James Harper and another individual.  Johnson had not reported the incident but had injuries consistent with a violent assault.   It is believed that Johnson made the 911 call in retaliation for the beating."

    Outrage over the shooting led an hours long confrontation between police and residents. An investigation into the shooting continues.