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Fake Cop Pulls Over Teacher in Hurst

Victim described encounter as creepy



    The victim said a man in a light blue uniform and a white Crown Victoria with flashing lights stopped her near her school. Hurst police said their cars are black and white and their officers wear dark-colored uniforms. (Published Tuesday, April 17, 2012)

    Police in Hurst are searching for a man pretending to be an officer.

    The man pulled over a teacher last week in the 500 block of Harmon Road near Hurst Junior High.

    "This one's really strange, because it's a daylight hour stop, and it was a real brief contact," Sgt. Craig Teague said.

    Teague said a man wearing a light blue uniform and driving a white Crown Victoria with flashing lights stopped the woman less than a block away from the school.

    As the teacher rolled down her window, she told the man she wasn't speeding.

    "He said, 'I know you weren't speeding, but you rolled through a stop sign. You are just getting a verbal warning today,'" Teague said.

    The teacher described the encounter as creepy and said the fake cop smiled the entire time. She went back to the school and called police, who said they knew almost immediately that he was an impostor.

    "We don't use white cars anymore; ours are black and white, and we have a dark-colored uniform," Teague said.

    Hurst detectives said that in their experience, police impersonators tend to have a fascination with law enforcement but can't work in the field for some reason or another.

    "They think they are trying to help us in some uncertain way," Teague said. "We don't need this kind of help. It makes it more difficult on officers performing the job daily."

    The victim said she worries that the man could go after children in the area.

    Hurst Junior High sent home a note to parents warning them about the impostor.