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FC Dallas Foundation Donates Soccer Field to Dallas Park



    FC Dallas Foundation Donates Soccer Field to Dallas Park
    Josh Ault, NBC 5 News
    Organizers hold a groundbreaking ceremony for a new soccer field to be built at Dallas' Jubilee Park, Aug. 14, 2014.

    Kids in the South Dallas community near Jubilee Park will be able to play a lot more soccer very soon with the addition of a new field at the park and community center on Bank Street.

    The groundbreaking for the new soccer field, being donated by the FC Dallas Foundation and the Embassy of United Arab Emirates, was held Thursday.

    The field at Jubilee Park, the third soccer field donated by the foundation in Dallas, was selected for several reasons.

    “It’s a fantastic neighborhood,” said FC Dallas Foundation spokeswoman Melissa Reddick. “They have a strong sense of community, great ties with the residents and the police department and a very active sports program.”

    When the new soccer field is completed it will be just like a professional field.

    “When it’s complete you will see a full turf field,” explained Reddick. “A little bit smaller than full-size actually, turf field with goals, with a concrete apron with bleachers around it.”

    Those at Jubilee Park are excited about the addition of the field.

    “You know when we started our athletic program back in 2012 we thought we would have 30 to 40 kids sign up for soccer we ended up having 287 kids sign up for soccer,” said Jubilee Park CEO Ben Leal.

    Leal said he knows the new soccer field will continue to add to the growth of this community.

    “We are looking to grow the soccer program and built it into other athletic programs such as basketball, flag football,” said Leal, “But this will be the magnet that will draw people into this community center.”

    The grand opening for the new soccer field at Jubilee Park is set for October.