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Exotic Cat Sanctuary Saves Six Tigers

New enclosures to cost about $50,000



    Exotic Cat Sanctuary Saves Six Tigers
    In-Sync Exotics

    In-Sync Exotics in Wylie welcomed six new tigers to their sanctuary over the weekend. The cats, all males, were voluntarily surrendered by their breeder owners.

    Officials with In-Sync Exotics said the cats were kept in poor conditions and that they have likely never walked on grass. The sanctuary has pledged to build each cat its own enclosure, an expansion that will cost around $50,000.

    "In the meantime, many of our cats will be slightly scrunched up; however, we are committed to maintaining our high standards of care for each and every one of our beloved charges."

    One of the tigers, Brooks (estimated to be between 14 and 18-years-old) is the father of the other five.  Two of the cats are white tigers and the other four the traditional orange.  I thought orange tigers had orange tigers and white tigers had white tigers.  Ah, well.

    Anyhow, only two of the cats, Harley and Brooks, had names when the arrived at the sanctuary.  So far, caretakers have named one of the new additions Grumpy because of his attitude -- He is a tiger after all, and one that's never walked on grass no less, so should they be all that surprised? They say his disposition is due to his claws curling around and sticking into the pads of his feet.  That would get me going also.

    The other three cats will get names as their personalities become more apparent.  Which should happen quickly while they're "scrunched up" and waiting on their new enclosures.

    With the latest arrivals, there are now 53 exotic cats, and one coatimundi, calling the sanctuary home. This includes three exceptionally rare white lions, a golden tabby tiger, a tiger cub and now three white tigers.

    Tours are available to see the animals at the sanctuary.  Visit insyncexotics.com for more details or to make a donation.