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Electronic Recycling Gaining Steam

Dallas company recycles millions of electronics



    With technology in the hands of more people than ever, electronic recycling is getting more attention than ever.

    For 19 years, HOBI International in Dallas has been recycling electronics while implementing the three R's: Reduce, re-use and recycle.

    Craig Boswell, president of HOBI International, said recycling electronics is similar to what people do when they recycle plastics and paper in their home.  But first, they'll see if the product can continue to be used.

    "We are going to take the product and we are going to try to reuse it or get materials out of them and put them back into the recycling stream," said Boswell.

    Company Recycles Electronics

    [DFW] Company Recycles Electronics
    The recycling movement is growing, and at least one North Texas company is seeing a growing need for recycling personal electronics.
    (Published Friday, May 20, 2011)

    Many companies either sell their old electronics to HOBI International or pay them to safely recycle their old computer equipment, cellphones and TVs.

    Each year the company recycles up to 15 million pounds of IT equipment, 4 million cell phones and millions of other electronic devices.