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Elderly Woman Attacked by Pit Bull



    Elderly Woman Attacked by Pit Bull
    Woman's husband shoots dog.

    An 83-year-old east Texas woman is recovering after being attacked by a pit bull mix authorities say may have been used in illegal dog fighting.

    Glynda Hulsey and her two dogs were attacked as she walked to her mailbox in Smith County last week. She made it back to her house, with the dog following, and her husband shot the dog.

    She told the Tyler Morning Telegraph on Thursday that she had more than 50 stitches and is still using a wheelchair. Her dogs have recovered.

    Smith County Sheriff's Lt. Gary Middleton says they're investigating. He says dog fighting occurs in the county, but the locations move around.

    He says, "We have to find the location while the fights are going on to catch them."

    He says animal control officers are catching pit bull mixes each day.