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Early Morning Wake-Up Call from Off-Duty Officer



    Early Morning Wake-Up Call from Off-Duty Officer

    A 21-year-old women and 20-year-old man were knocked out of bed at 1:30 Friday morning by an off-duty officer who ran a stop sign and crashed into their Fort Worth home, police said.

    "What I thought was thunder was actually a truck coming into my room," said Maria Garcia.

    Police said the officer drove his Dodge truck through the side of the home in the 11300 block of Brownfield Road, knocking the two people out of bed. The female injured in the accident was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

    "We have a big front yard. And for him to have gone across the street and into my bedroom, I just had to know, was he drunk, what happened," said Maria Garcia, homeowner. "He said he fell asleep at the wheel. He was very paranoid though."

    According to a news release Michael L. Buchanan was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital where a blood specimen was taken for blood alcohol testing. Buchanan has been placed on restricted duty.

    "It's frustrating for us, at some point each individual officer has to take it upon himself to be accountable," said Fort Worth police Lt. Paul Henderson.

    Internal affairs is conducting an administrative investigation separate from the criminal case, he said.

    According to the release, police chief Jeffrey Halstead has contacted the couple and told them he would take decisive action if it is determined the officer was drunk.