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EMSISD Student Had Gun on School Bus



    The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District says a fifth grade boy had a BB gun on board a school bus Monday. (Published Monday, Feb. 25, 2013)

    Some parents in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District got a shocking phone call late Monday afternoon, telling them a fifth grader had a BB gun on board a school bus.

    The bus was taking kids home from Northbrook Elementary in far north Fort Worth in the 2500 block of Cantrell Sansom Road.

    The driver spotted a fifth grade boy showing a BB gun to other students on board.

    The driver stopped the bus to investigate and found the BB gun was unloaded, then turned the bus around, and brought all 18 students on board the bus back to Northbrook Elementary.

    The driver dropped off the student and the BB gun before driving everyone else home.

    EMSISD said all of the parents of students on the bus were notified, a letter was sent out to the parents of all 625 students enrolled in the district and the principal recorded an automated phone message calling parents to tell them what happened.

    But one father told us he and many other parents are concerned no one at the school knew about the BB gun earlier.

    "Obviously he had to have it at school in his backpack," said Scott Gordon (no relation to NBC 5’s Scott Gordon). "and I think that's a problem that we're not able to see what's in his backpack. You know, I think that's a problem. We've had clear back packs, I think we need to go to that. In today’s day and time, we can't see what a kids is carrying."

    Although he wasn’t on the same bus, Gordon's 7-year-old son Caleb was scared when he heard about it.

    "What happened if they didn't know that he had a BB gun? What happened if he would've shot a kid and they wouldn't have known? I mean it’s scary," the second grader at Northbrook Elementary said.

    The school district said the student's educational record is protected by law, and it cannot comment on any disciplinary action, nor if the student has had any trouble prior to Monday's incident.