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Drivers to be Graded on Accessible Valuables



    Drivers to be Graded on Accessible Valuables

    The Arlington Police Department will soon begin handing out report cards.

    They aren't going to pull you over to tell you that you're driving splendidly or, in some cases, poorly, but rather that you have passed or failed at protecting your belongings.

    Lt. David McGinty, with the Arlignton Police Department, said the month of June is one of the worst for car burglaries, so the department is sending officers out to educate the public about leaving desireable items like laptops or purses, aka thief bait, in plain site.

    The intiative is part of the city's "Remove It or Lose It" campaign.  From the name, it kind of sounds like they may take your laptop to teach you a really harsh lesson, but rest assured they'll only leave a stern reminder that you've left something desirable in the open. An invitation to crooks if there ever was one.

    “Vehicle burglary becomes a crime of opportunity. People park the vehicle and don’t think to lock it,” McGinty said.

    The department said that since they began this program two years ago, they've seen a 17 percent reduction in the number of reported car burglaries. This year, they hope to reduce car burglary offenses by 50 percent.

    “We believe that if we get prevention information to as many people as we can possibly reach, we can significantly reduce these types of offenses,” McGinty said.

    If you can't take it with you, make sure that you valuables are out of sight and that you always set your alarm.